Career Counselling

Dear Students, Parents and Friends, I am Sandiep Sharma a Learner, Guide, Coach, Career Counselor, Motivator, Educationist and your friend. Since my Childhood in eighties I have experienced and observed about government policies and education system and economy of our nation and global system also. I have experienced hurdles and opportunities for students and parents for educating themselves and their child. I even understand our learning methodology, level of education, stream to choose for career, challenges for students as student, learners. Placements, Jobs, Career, Mid level career crisis and many more..

At this platform, I invite all the students, parents, teachers, mentors, coach, Principal’s, Head Masters, Vice Principals, HOD’s, Research Scholars, Educationist, Mentors, Career Coach, Bureaucrats, IITians, Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Professionals, Social Workers, Directors, Deans and Chancellors of Universities to put a real effort to pen down “Education Reforms for People of India and India”.

Our sole aim is to ensure “No One shall be deprived of High Quality Education, Skills and Career”

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